FDNY post

It looks like I  am able to acquire one of the large fire alarm posts I’ve been looking for. This one is pretty cool in that it actually has “Property of the city of New York 1929” in the casting of the base, I have not seen but a couple of these that had this so it must have been a small contract run that year. This one has the 1973 era EMS door but the seller has an original cast iron door for one of these that is included.
The city replaced pretty much all of the original spring wound guts on these in Manhattan with the police/fire intercoms starting in 1973. To do that they removed the guts and the doors, most of the doors were likely scrapped, so finding one is tough.
This is very thick walled cast-iron and weighs around 900# but depends on the specific castings. The one I owned in 1980 was 901#, the base as shown in the 2nd photo was 450# of that.
I’d rather retain the as-found paint on one of these, but unfortunately this one has been repainted black, and there’s a lot of handling scrapes and chips to the paint, so it’s not a candidate to leave this way, it will need to be stripped and repainted.
The last photo is split, the post on the left is the type I am looking at, when repainted it would look somewhat like the one on the right which has a different style door.
There’s quite a few of these left on the streets but many of htem are missing parts as the missing side access doors indicate, many others are missing the top half, still others are missing the torch finial and doors.

There’s not a whole lot of these left on the streets that are in complete, good condition any more. The One I am looking at is located in North Carolina, a UPSstore said they could go out to the seller’s place and pick this up and ship it. Their pickup fee would be $100 and that’s quite reasonable. The freight shipping on a pallet might run about $400


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