The fire alarm post arrived today a day early which is pretty cool, and it did come via Panama Transit for the last leg of the trip.
Here’s some photos, and the top half IS cast-iron as I thought, despite the shipping weight being 200# lower than expected it’s all cast iron, I’m betting the scale weight is off, but then again the specific thickness of the castings could vary it possibly about that much.
It looks at first glance as though the guarded spade handle door I have that I like best might not fit the hinge pattern, but that’s just going by the fact it has 2 holes per hinge and the door the seller included as an extra has a 3 hole pattern. I have to remove the Norelco electronic faceplate and frame which the seller wants to buy back, and I’ll know then if the box cast itself has a 2 hole or a 3 hole machine screw pattern for the original door.

It arrived in perfect condition and was well packed by Bill at the UPSstore.

IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3404 IMG_3407 IMG_3406

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