Horni Signal Restoration

Some time ago I purchased a so called “professionally restored” Horni Signal mechanism/inner box from a guy who bought it at an estate sale that way.

I have started reversing that so called “professional restoration” which had included sandblasting, electro static repainting using  a very heavy amount of super high gloss paint, replacing original machine screws with screws that are too long.
I started by removing and discarding the numerous brass flat washers used  to partially compensate for the excess screw length, and really  restoring the two small door rivets that had been drilled out and discarded to dissasemble for that sandblasting/painting. The two rivets had been replaced with smaller round head screws and self threading nuts, they were so loose the door wobbled up and down easily.
The sand cast brass hinges and screw heads were also polished.

The coils on the mechanism may be ruined due to all the OIL someone soaked the mechanism with, they used so much oil there are still a couple of drips, the mechanism itself is all oily, and the whole thing reeks of oil.
The local bell inside shows obvious signs of having had a mechanical tool used on it to remove the nickel plating to shine the brass base metal. There are scores and scratches in the metal from this “restoration” almost as though sandpaper or a wire wheel on a grinder was used,  I have not decided how to deal with that just yet.

To begin with, this is what one of these boxes should normally look like as-found condition:

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Here’s a view of the box I have:

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under the red arrow, all of the hinge screws had flat washers under them, shown removed in the photo back to the correct assembly.
The blue arrow points to the  handle which originally had a tapered steel pin in it, this was removed and replaced with a cut off flat head nail so the previous owner could remove the lever for painting, the steel pin will be replaced when I determine the correct size.

The raised letters are so clogged with this gloss paint it’s unreadable.

I found exact replacement rivets for the door hinges, and they are nice and snug. Cut to length and ends flattened enough to hold them in place the small door operates smooth and snug now instead of loose and wobbly. The contact engages properly now as well when the door is shut.

The near plastic-like electro static paint was sanded and the box  has been primed in this photo which also shows the replaced rivets:

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All of the too long screws were replaced with the correct length screws and the incorrect flat washers eliminated.

I have to remove the brass mechanism and a couple of wires to prime and prime the inside of the door next, then it will be just about ready to paint.

I have not tested the coils yet but they are soaked with oil so i would be surprised if they work at all.

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