Recent purchases: wood carvings from France

Here are a couple of photos of the  oak fox table legs I bought from a seller in France, they are just so nicely carved, even the areas under the belly and front paws the wood is removed, and that rich patina can’t be beat! I found a few photos of French tables which have such carved foxes on them,  they were all “hunt” style, so each leg had a different animal- fox, deer, dog and wild boar usually, but the table these two foxes came from had had two foxes and two dogs. So far I have not found pictures of the same identical fox carvings, in fact a few were pretty poorly carved on the heads, so it would seem the basic theme/style was done by a number of different furniture makers and each had their own patterns to go by. These two may be fairly rare, I can’t imagine each furniture shop made hundreds of these tables, the amount of hours of carving alone would be considerable.

The two dogs were already sold unfortunately.

fox1 fox2The foxes are slightly different from one another which pretty much proves they were carved not duplicated on a machine, even the ears are posed uniquely from each other as is the fur patterning, they are very alike according to some master pattern but different enough to show they were hand carved by eye and measurements.
One is higher in the picture than the other making it seem larger, it’s because I removed an added-on block of wood from the other one, seems the original casters were removed and replaced with blocks of wood for height, I need to remove the other one as well.

fox compared

I also bought this walnut door that came from a ca 1910 French piece of furniture after thinking about it, so I decided to purchase it with plans to make a mold of it. It’s a really attractive old-world design plus the fact that it has a “frame” around it which creates a framed picture effect that I think will sell. It’s 19″ x 13″ which is a nice size that isn’t too large which makes it more attractive to those who don’t have a lot of wall space.

It was from a 19th century piece of furniture from France, it has four putti and a goat, with one putto holding a grotesque mask in front of him displaying it to the goat



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