More French furniture carvings

The other pair of French carvings I bought arrived¬† in a 17# package, wow, these are nicer in hand than the seller’s photos! Whomever carved these was extremely good! These have a lot of extra detailing and undercutting which took more time than just scroll cutting the shape, the undercutting can be seen especially in the 2nd photo which shows the top of the wings closer, that cavity was carved down giving the wings a thinner, more natural appearance with that “V” cut in.

They have some old wood shrinkage cracks in them but the patina and finish are so nice I think I’m going to leave them exactly as they are, maybe just secure the one loose base molding. cLast purchase for a while I guess! Carved oak, 13-1/2″ x 14-1/2″ x 4″ deep. Ca 1890s France.

I’m thinking of making a mold of them, a pair of these cast in something like a wood filled resin would sell as bookends with a little modification or addition for the base to give them stability.
These are really nice and positioned as they are in the 2nd photo they would look fantastic as bookends!
These are coming from a dealer in Oregon I purchased from before, I think he buys a lot of furnishings and antiques in France and Europe and ships a container full to Oregon which costs a lot less for the international shipping when the cost is spread out over a whole container full of items.

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