Stone keystone on school, saved but destroyed

Here’s a good example I happened to find where an architectural sculpture was saved from an 1898 Denver school that was demolished in 1925, the keystone which was made from carved sandstone was dumped out in the garden of the new school where it languished for about 30 years exposed to the rain and ice and was completely destroyed.
The nose was broken off probably during the removal and handling of the stone.
The actual carving depicted a 5 year old girl who was a student at the original scholl and was chosen out of 1,000 entries to be the one to sit for the model for the carver to replicate her face.

Up over the doorway the stone was protected by an overhanging cornice, it would have easily lasted 100+ years there with little to no damage, but out in the garden exposed to the direct rain and freezing ice it didn’t even last 30 years before the entire face was gone:

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Have to love how much “care” was used moving this, the nose- the most important, visible part of the human face on a sculpture was smashed.


Completely destroyed in less than 30 years when dumped out in the garden exposed to the weather.

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