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General information about my sculptures

The sculptures on my site include a small number of directly reproduced works taken from 1890s era originals back in the 1980s and  early 1990s, while the majority of the remainder are my own sculpted designs based on photos of orginal antique,  usually extant pieces, and typically reduced in scale to some degree so they are more home friendly in size and weight.

These days I work primarily in two materials for the casts that are available for purchase;

Interior cast-stone. (available in a variety of finishes)

Hand-pressed, kiln fired red terracotta. (Only available in brick red)

For a variety of reasons I no longer work with concrete for casts, if there are any references to concrete I may have missed in editing the web site, it was an oversight on my part, the exception is one sitting winged dog cast I have left over from a client’s order that is available.

Concrete was phased out in favor of much higher quality hand-pressed kiln fired terracotta made exactly the same way the antique original pieces were that my work is  extensively based on. To date 12 designs have been “converted” to do this with, over time more will be available in this material.

Also, as of Feb, 2020 I will no longer ship sculptures to New York City,  out of three shipments to NYC  two were damaged, and one shipment of two pallets worth to a store became a massive headache when their hired trucking company came after me for payment when a third party the trucking company was picking up from before me had filed for bankruptcy and never paid the trucking company.

Most of my sculptures are shipped in wood crates.

As of Aug 5th, 2019  I have a new flat $15 crating/packing fee due to large cost increases both for materials, shipping those materials to me, as well costs for packing materials, plywood used for crating and rising shipping costs that carry a myriad of added-on fees for pickup charges, shipments in wood crates, fuel surcharges, residential delivery surcharges, an additional charge for a package that is 70# or more etc.,  that have been adding $20-$30 per shipment over and above the transportation costs. It’s now consistantly costing over $75 to ship a crated sculpture to California from the MidWest that just a few years ago cost HALF that!

1/2″ CDX plywood which I could get for under $8 a sheet is no longer sold locally, and as a result Ive had to change to a more expensive OSB in 5/8″ thick which is now about $20 a sheet

Final checkout prices all include shipping to your door via FedEx ground- lower 48 states ONLY, I do not sell out of the USA, nor do I sell thru stores.

A slide show demonstration of hand-pressing clay for terracotta appears here;


If you have the patience to sit through the 25 minute video, a longer real time video is here;



And after that, the result is an authentic work of art;