Sullivanesque panel, after James W Scoville Chicago Nr LS-2 (Interior version)




I am excited to offer this interesting  Sullivanesque 1884 design after those that were connected to  Adler & Sullivan, George Elmslie, Kristian Schneider once installed on the James W Scoville building in Chicago.

Those involved in creating the original 1884 Chicago design are said to have included;

Dankmar Adler
Louis Sullivan
George Grant Elmslie
Kristian Schneider

Significance: The James W. Scoville factory building, designed by Adler & Sullivan contains three different designs belonging to the transitional period (1880 and 1890) of  Louis Sullivan’s architectural ornament. This structure was the best and most ornamental of all the few remaining factory buildings by Adler & Sullivan.

This sculpture is available in hand-pressed kiln fired red terracotta as shown, for embedding into an exterior wall or in the garden. It is also available in interior cast-stone which is available in any of my usual finishes- for interior wall display.


The interior cast-stone version is;
Nominal 21-1/4″ high
Nominal 13″ wide
Nominal 3″ deep.




Some  of the original historic artifacts salvaged from the 1973 demolition are in the Virginia  Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) and were gifted by the Metropolitan Museum, and a set of three of these artifacts appears here in the St Louis Art Museum;

The original is pictured here from a HABS study done before the building was demolished, three of these designs were installed together under the window sills on one floor;

Hand-made Victorian,  Art Deco and Sullivanesque architectural sculpture, based on authentic nineteenth and early twentieth century sculptures found on urban building facades. Each sculpture is either hand-cast, or hand pressed kiln fired terracotta, and they are available in a number of finishes.
Use these sculptures for home and office decor. Terracotta may be embedded into a brick wall or used outdoors, restoration work, and custom models.
Fine architectural sculptures since 1976.

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