Westside (Miller) Highway fragment, model Nr WSH



A creative sectioned fragment of a portion of the 1920s Westside Highway that ran along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s West coast. After a section collapsed in 1973 it was demolished in stages over some twenty years. My sculpture represents one of the ornamental street headers at the foot of each cross-street, in this case “Desbrosses Street” (pronounced “Da-Bru”) named after a family that once lived there. The model has “torn” ragged edges symbolic of how the historic structure with it’s ornaments designed by noted sculptor Rene Chambelain was rippedĀ  and cut to pieces, and scrapped.

This model is finished and awaiting purchases before being molded, inquire!


Hand-made Victorian and Art Deco architectural sculpture, based on authentic nineteenth and early twentieth century sculptures found on urban building facades. Each sculpture is either hand-cast, or hand pressed kiln fired terracotta, and they are available in a number of finishes.
Use these sculptures for home and office decor. Terracotta may be embedded into a brick wall or used outdoors, restoration work, and custom models.
Fine architectural sculptures since 1976.