Inspired by a terra cotta artifact

Newark, New Jersey
~ I present ~
Leaf block Nr leaf-block
hand-pressed terracotta by Randall

Randall is an art scholarship recipient of Iowa Central Community College.

Clients are able to purchase this design in hand pressed terracotta for wall decoration, garden or incorporating into a brick wall in new construction in a variety of finishes.
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Photo of the first hand-pressed block drying before firing in the kiln


Photo of the block after firing in the kiln


Photo of two block after firing in the kiln


SIZE: Nominal 6-3/4" high by 6-3/4" wide, 1-1/2" deep.
WEIGHT:Nominal 6#
HISTORY of the design

This is a very attractive frieze block design that originated on the facade of a circa 1880s era mansion of sorts in Newark NJ, the design repeated horizontally along the facade using multiple copies of the design with the stem of the leaf alternating left and right.

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